Winter Windshield Care: Tips for Your Auto Glass


As winter approaches, it’s important to take care of your vehicle. In addition to maintaining your engine, transmission, radiator, tires, and heater, you also need to take care of the auto glass on the front, sides, and rear of the car. Ryan’s Auto Glass can help you take care of your windshield this winter, by offering a few winter, glass care tips.

A quick inspection can make a difference in how well your windshield holds up in the winter months. We can check for pits, cracks, weak windshield installation, and other possible issues that could compromise your safety over the next few months. If we need to repair or replace your windshield, then we’ll let you know.

      1. Avoid ‘Shocking’ Your Windshield

Results of hot water poured onto frozen windshield ( “Shocking” your windshield)

Although glass can withstand significant impact from ice or flying debris on the icy highways, it may not hold up well under sudden temperature changes. ‘Shocking your glass’ can cause it to crack, pit, or, in some cases, shatter. If your windows are iced over, you can use regular, room temperature tap water to melt the ice instead of boiling water off the stove. Yes, hot water will speed up the melting processing, but it could shock your windshield and cause damage. Instead, use a quality made ice scrapper or a high quality, spray on windshield deicer. Remember though, a little goes a long ways when applying deicer spray. Using to much can cause the life of our windshield seals and wiper blades to diminish. 
You can also purchase deicer mix as your windshield washer fluids for the winter such as Rain-X Deicer. 

      2. Replace Damaged Auto Glass

Replace Damaged Auto Glass

Freezing temperatures have a way of weakening the glass on your car. If your windows are cracked or damaged, we can replace them before the freezing temperatures arrive. A broken windshield is a safety issue that can affect everyone riding in your car. If you’re on a tight budget, then check with your insurance company to see if they will cover a glass replacement at no cost to you. Most companies will not raise your insurance rates to fix the windshield. Freezing temperatures can only make cracks and pits worse, so don’t delay in getting your damaged glass repaired asap.

    3. Keep the Glass Clean Around the Car

Ryans Auto Glass Centralia Wa

Windshield wipers have to work twice as hard to clean a dirty windshield. We recommend that you keep your windshield clean throughout the season. A dirt-free surface will keep your wipers in excellent condition and your windshield clear. If you have a stubborn stain that you can’t get off the window, then bring it to our service center. We can help remove the stain for you. We can also replace your worn out windshield wipers. Using a glass cleaner like Rain-X™ to help repel road spray and grime.

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Whether you visit us at our service center or we have to come to you, we provide windshield repair and replacement for all types of cars, trucks, big rigs and heavy equipment. Call us at 360-807-4576 for a free estimate on any auto glass service that we offer.  


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