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When Do I Replace My Windshield Instead of Repairing An Auto Glass Chip Or Window Crack?


Auto glass chip repairs, window crack repairs, and windshield replacements are always a hot subject in the media whenever an auto glass fraud or auto glass scam is exposed, and it unfortunately reflects badly on all auto glass shops.   So we did the research for you and below are answers to all the questions you, as a consumer should know to educate and protect yourself from unethical auto glass shops involved in auto glass chip repair, window crack repair, and windshield replacement scams.

When Do I Replace My Windshield Instead of Repairing An Auto Glass Chip Or Window Crack?

Here are some general rules auto glass shops use to determine whether to replace a windshield or instead, repair the auto glass chip or window crack :

  • The chip is larger than a quarter
  • The crack greater than 6 inches (bigger than a dollar bill)
  • When safety is in question, like chips or cracks that are in the line of sight of the driver because repairs are not 100% invisible
  • More than three chips or cracks

TIP: If there is a chip in the drivers line of sight, the insurance company may encourage the client to do the chip repair first and if it bothers them, then do the windshield replacement.  The client has the right to have the windshield replaced under this condition and should not have to do a chip or window crack repair. 

rock chip Ryan's Auto Glass Centralia WA Get Your Free Quote TodayWhen you call in an auto glass claim to an insurance company, they will ask you some of the questions above to help determine if they will authorize an auto glass chip, window crack repair, or a complete windshield replacement.

What Is The Difference Between A Pit And Chip?

A pit is like an someone taking a small ice cream scoop out of your front windshield and it does not go into the plastic layer in between the two pieces of glass.  A pit cannot be repaired because there is no way for the repair resin to adhere to the windshield and is considered wear and tear; this is not covered by insurance.  A chip will have some starring which provides area for the resin to adhere to.

Why Should I Repair My Chip Or Crack?

By doing an auto glass chip or window crack repair:

  • You keep the OEM glass and do not have deal with the insurance company on getting OEM glass verses aftermarket glass. See our article on Auto Glass Replacement – OEM Verses Aftermarket Auto Glass
  • You keep the original factory window seal and maintain the integrity of the windshield
  • The insurance company pays the bill
  • It prevents further cracks
  • You keep insurance rates for down for everyone
  • It only takes about 30 minutes
  • It will ensure that your car will pass a state vehicle inspection
  • It helps protect the environment by keeping perfectly good windshields out of our landfills
  • It avoids the need for a windshield inspection

What Issues Can Result From A Bad Chip Or Crack Repair?

With a bad repair, you may experience shrinkage, the area turning yellow, or the windshield cracking.  Not all resins are alike, and more important, the tools and techniques used to apply the resin can make a huge difference in the quality of the repair.

Besides the bad repair, a chip or crack can expand unexpectedly with quick temperature changes (cranking up the AC or heater), and bumpy road conditions.

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