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Front Windshield and Tempered Glass the Government Regulations And Standards.


Front Windshield (Laminated) – Two pieces of glass fused together with a vinyl liner between them which keeps the windshield in one piece in the event of a breakage.  Besides keeping the bugs out of your teeth, the front windshield provides structural support to the roof in the event of a rollover and it also acts as a structure to bounce off in the event the front or passenger side airbags inflate during an accident.

Tempered Glass – Auto window glass that shatter into very small pieces in the event of breakage. Tempered glass is used on side windows so that in the event a vehicle is submerged, the window can be broken and the passenger can escape through the opening.

CAUTION: Many automobile manufacturers are starting to use laminated window glass for the side windows to keep passengers from being ejected from the vehicle in the event of an accident.  This will make it next to impossible to break the window and escape if you are in a submerged car.  Why are they doing this? From a safety perspective, there are more cases of passengers being ejected from vehicles during accidents than submerged vehicles.  In addition, it will also make it harder for thieves to break into vehicles.

If your side window has a stamp that says Laminated, or if you look down from the top of the window and see laminate in between two pieces of glass, you know you do not have tempered glass.

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All auto glass installed into US-based vehicles must meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards.  When you look at a windshield you will also see a DOT (Department Of Transportation) stamp, which indicates the window meets the FMVSS 205 standards and is marketed as safety glass.




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