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Keeping your auto glass clean can be difficult but there is hope.


Top 5 Best Auto Glass Cleaners

Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner – 24 oz.

Our first glass cleaner product is Meguair’s Perfect Clarity product. To promote the “perfect clarity” ideal, this product actually comes in a clear plastic bottle that displays the liquid inside.

As a glass cleaner, this is a great solution for individuals who park their cars in climates that have a lot of dust or pollen.

This is because the manufacturer included “dust repellent technology” that effectively provides a barrier of protection for your auto glass.

• You’ll have a streak-free shine on your glass.
• This product actually protects your glass from detritus.

• This product can dry with spots.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray, 19 oz

Sprayway has been on the market for several years and many consumers stand by its ability to clean and restore glass surfaces.

This product’s claim to fame is its no-drip formulation. Once you spray it on, it simply will not roll down the glass surface, which is perfect for slanted auto glass.

It comes in an aerosol can, so it looks a little different than standard glass cleaners, but its aerosol delivery method is what makes it so easy to use.

In addition to its excellent delivery method, this cleaner has a great scent that will make your auto glass smell wonderful.

The foam that it leaves on your glass clings strongly and is formulated to actually break up any leftover grime that has accumulated on your auto glass.

• This product’s foaming formulation is a great way to visually know where you have sprayed, so that you don’t miss spots.
• You won’t have to scrub due to this product’s ability to break down grime.

• The scent can be a bit strong for indoor surfaces.
• The nozzle is far from sturdy. It can crack or simply fall off after a few uses.

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass’s motto is, “makes glass invisible.” This dedication to a streak-free glass surface is why their premium glass cleaner is being featured in this review.

The Invisible Glass comes in a Windex-like spray bottle, but packs in more auto-glass friendly features than that product like a no residue formulation.

In addition to this lack of residue, which can cause streakage, it doesn’t use soaps to clean your windows.

The fact that this product is more chemical-based and actually lifts grime from your glass makes this the perfect auto glass cleaner.

The composition makes it a great tool to rid your windows of the oils and greases that can be the result of fingerprints and that most disgusting of auto glass wreckers: bird poop.

• You simply will have no streaks with this product.
• Since it’s designed to cut dirt, oil, and accumulated film, this product is the perfect option for those looking to quickly clean their auto glass.

• This product can leave behind a haze on your auto glass.
• Doesn’t clean ocean air film that well. This type of air is packed with particles and is somewhat harder to remove than pollen or dust.

Hope’s Perfect Glass Glass Cleaner

It’s hard to argue with a product that is titled, “perfect.” This glass cleaner is designed to provide a good amount of dirt and grime cutting for your auto glass.

It was featured on Good Morning America.

Hope’s is designed for those who really can’t stand the prevalence of streakiness that happens in most standard glass cleaners.

It has some premium ingredients that set it in a different category than some of the other glass cleaners on the market.

The most interesting of these is glycol ether which is a great chemical that breaks down water-based soil.

• This product has almost no scent, which can be perfect for individuals who just want clean glass.
• This product is the best in this guide at removing the haze from the inside of a windshield.

• The spray nozzle is a little too energetic; you won’t have a lot of room for nuance.

3M 08888 Glass Cleaner

This product is another foaming cleaner that won’t drip down your auto glass. 3M is a brand that is known as heavy duty, so you can expect a pretty professional clean with this glass cleaner.

Whereas many of the products in this guide are rated for both home and automotive, this cleaner is designed primarily with cars in mind.

As an aerosol-based product, you’ll also find that you can use this cleaner for many cleaning.

Performance-wise, this 3M glass cleaner has an excellent formulation that helps release stuck on grit and grime without damaging the surface of your glass or causing streaks. Since it sprays foam, the substance also does a great job at sticking to vertical surfaces.

In addition to its auto glass applications, this product is rated to clean the interior of cars as well. It’s safe to use on vinyl, plastic, metal, and chrome.

•It is very strong on glass, yet it won’t cause damage to the surface and it won’t bother your tint.
• The fact that this auto glass cleaner can clean different surfaces makes it something of an all-in-one tool.

• Can leave a fog on your glass that you’ll have to scrub to remove.


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